PixelSite provides you with a 1px x 1px tracking pixel (like this one) that you can insert into emails, newsletters, drip campaigns; but also in web pages, landing pages, mobile websites, intranets … anything online. The pixel tracks whenever it is viewed by a user – thus providing you valuable insight for your online marketing campaigns: email open rates, web visitors, video views, ebay visitors, craigslist views, landing page hits.

We feed this data right into your Google Analytics account – we don’t require username or passwords. Or you can chose to view the stats right here (see sample reports).

Track email open rates

Pixelsite tracks how many people open your emails. Just embed a tracking pixel into the email body and that’s it.

Real-Time Data

See how your email campaign generates contacts with your audience in real-time. You can see by hours how your campaign performs.

Powerful Hosting

PixelSite’s hosting provider is Liquid Web, a Tier-1 bandwidth ISP with 3 data centers, focusing on redundancy allowing its network to rapidly self-heal failures.

Google Analytics

We track the data of opened emails etc. and post them into your GoAn profile. We do not require your username or password.

How to view stats in GoAn

PixelSite Reports

PixelSite has great report functionality. You do not need Google Analytics to see how many people opened your emails or clicked your links.
See sample reports

SSL Secured

The pixel is SSL compatible. We recommend that you use the Pixelsite with HTTPS at all times to get the best performance.

Create a free account

All you can eat pricing

Starter and Premium plans have limits for tracking pixels. Pro-Users can show and track unlimited pixels.

On-the-Fly pixel setup

As a pro-user, you do not have to revisit Pixelsite to setup new pixels. You will be able to feed your parameters into the tracking pixels.

Lifetime Data

As a pro-user, your data will remain available as long as you need it. Data from other plans are kept for 3 to 12 months.