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It is actually easier than you think. Google Analytics (GoAn) tracks any visitor coming to your site. For each email campaign you can provide variables that allow you to identify when an email was viewed. You can use one setting for all of your emails, or can create single tracking pixels for

  • Email Newsletters
  • Order Confirmation Emails
  • Shipment Confirmation Emails
  • Now-In-Stock Notification Emails
  • Weekly/Monthly account summaries
  • Signature add-on for personal/business emails

We are using two identifiers to feed to GoAn some non-existent page views – when a tracking pixel was loaded. Since the image is embedded into an email – you can basically tell how many emails were viewed. For each tracking pixel you will see page views per page over any period
What we do is providing you with a tracking pixel. This pixel knows when it is viewed (within an email). Once it is loaded into a browser or email viewer, we send a page request to the URL within your website.
This page view is then registered in your GoAN stats. There you click on Content > Overview.

  • Tip: Filter pageviews by ‘EmailViews’ (or whatever you used), then click ‘Add to Dashboard’. Now all Email views are visible within the Dashboard.


To make this work we need the two required variables for Google Analytics: a directory and a pagename. It is a wise idea to use the first variable (directory) for ‘Email Views’, while the second variable (pagename) is Date of Email blast, ‘Order Confirmation Email’ etc. . In the ‘create pixel’ form (click here) we provide suggestions that should work for the most of you fine people.
Finally we need a web page of yours that contains GoAn tracking code, so we can read your GoAn account data and post the page request to it when your tracking pixel is viewed.
So if you agree with our suggestions for the two variables, just enter your URL. That’s it. We tried to make even that easier, but our mind-reading engine is still in the works.
The ‘create pixel’ form (click here) is all you need to fill out. The next page will give you an image code, like .
You just include this pixel into your HTML emails you send out and the tracking part is done.
You can use the same pixel for all newsletters or create a new tracking pixel for each email wave. Act as you please.
Yes, but not with this tracking pixel. To track the clicks within the email you can read (here) or read the short version below:
  • Add utm_blabla variables to each link in your email
  • http://example.com/index.php?utm_source=EmailClicks&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=My%2BEmail%2BSubject
For unpaid PixelSite accounts we store hourly data for 2 days and daily data for 3 months. Pro-Users will have hourly data available for 30 days and daily data forever.
We noticed we are not the first ones to ask the question on how to track viewed emails in Google Anlytics. There simply is no solution out there.
Being nerdy craftsman, we threw together some code, hacked some poor fellows design – just to accomplish what we feel was the best and most user friendly way. If you agree, spread the word!
We think that if a pixel was inactive for 36 months, the email campaign is no longer doing its magic. Do you keep emails that long? Seriously – who does? So after 3 years we would disable the pixel. However, the emails would still work and neither errors nor missing images would show. We would still create the 1px x 1px image as needed, but not post another campaign feed to the URL you provided. If you keep on using the same tracking pixel, we will not disable the tracking.
At this point we to have a contact page and we reply to emails. We are working on a knowledge base for PixelSite.
Yes, we decided to add our own reports for those of you that don’t have GoAn or want the stats for email campaigns anyway.
Check our the reporting tool here.