SSL – Protected

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PixelSite now comes with unlimited SSL functionality. Add the pixel with HTTPS into your emails and/or website and benefit from a secure connection.
Using the HTTPS as a standard setting also prevents security warnings to appear on your website and helps you to get a fully protected website.

With the SSL-protection, the pixel can also be added to checkout pages and track events. If you have any questions, contact us at

New Video Tutorial: How to use Pixelsite

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With 122 million pixel views and constant updated to our PixelSite dashboard we have created a new tutorial: How to use Pixelsite.
Check it out at 

This video shows how to setup an account, create tracking pixels, view reports, retrieve the pixel code and how to provide feedback.

Track your email campaigns with Google Analytics

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A special thanks and shout-out to ( for explaining how to track emails in Google Analytics – and for linking to PixelSite:

Easy! All you need to do is use this tool, which will guide you through the process of creating a ‘Tracking Pixel/Image’ that you can insert into your newsletter. This is a tiny transparent gif image that, once opened, can be tracked and displays a page view in Google Analytics. (again, many of you will be using the tracking built into your ESP – but it can be useful to see tracking right inside Google Analytics also)

If you have any questions about setting up your email tracking for Google Analytics, check out our FAQs.

PixelSite is now PixelSite, Inc.

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94,000,000 tracked pixels! If that is not enough of a reason to celebrate: As of today October 1st, PixelSite is now PixelSite, Inc.

Pixelsite Inc. (launched 2010) tracks opened emails, landing page views and provides real-time stats – it also feeds the data into your Google Analytics accounts – making the process of gathering marketing data easier, faster and more intuitive. PixelSite has more than 4,000 users, more than 19,000 active pixels and close to 100,000,000 pixel views. Clients are Apple, Visa, HP, Redbox, Groupon, Tylenol, Wendy’s,…

Update: Report now browser-compatible

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new_report The new report tool is better browser-compatible. You are able to see the past 48 hours in hourly totals, the current month with pixel views per day and the past months.

Read the full article…

Sep 2013 – 90,000,000 views

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Wow – who would have thought?! We are still working on a better plan to provide the server stability we need to support all these requests. Stay tuned!

July 2013 – 75,000,000 pixel views

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Wow – that went fast. Thanks everyone for trusting Pixelsite. With the additional load in traffic we are upgrading our hosting solution to serve you better. As a result we have to add a paid plan to support the high volume accounts with millions of pixel views. Stay tuned!

Posting data to Google Analytics is working again

Aug 27, 2012   //   by ojonsek   //   Bugfix  //  No Comments

Having moved to another server (a steady one that should last the new traffic load) we saw that our interface into Google Analytics stopped working. We fixed the code as of now and the data should be populating in your Google Analytics accounts from now on us usual.