PixelSite is now PixelSite, Inc.

Oct 2, 2013   //   by ojonsek   //   Updates  //  No Comments

94,000,000 tracked pixels! If that is not enough of a reason to celebrate: As of today October 1st, PixelSite is now PixelSite, Inc.

Pixelsite Inc. (launched 2010) tracks opened emails, landing page views and provides real-time stats – it also feeds the data into your Google Analytics accounts – making the process of gathering marketing data easier, faster and more intuitive. PixelSite has more than 4,000 users, more than 19,000 active pixels and close to 100,000,000 pixel views. Clients are Apple, Visa, HP, Redbox, Groupon, Tylenol, Wendy’s,…

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